Package Properly When Shipping To Lagos, Nigeria

Sep 03, 2019 0 International Order

Science has revealed that certain liquids are very unstable when exposed to atmospheric pressure at high altitude. If you have any package for shipment that contains liquids. Please ensure it is properly sealed in a plastic container and packaged in properly crafted crate to avoid spilling or damage. 
We will be glad if this advise and helpful tips is duly observed to ensure a smooth transit of your items without any issues

Here's another tips for everyone.

Shipping liquids may seem confusing, but all it takes is some careful packing. Start with a strong cardboard box and plenty of padding. Most factory-sealed liquids can be packed directly this way. Sealing the liquid inside watertight bags is also an option and reduces the chance of leaks. For perishables, add a couple of coolant packs to preserve the liquid. Then take your box to a shipping company to send it on its way!


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